Jason's Game

''You must defeat my 'HappySmoke' farmers to stand a plucking chance.''You might've noticed a few mentionings of Jason across DCTP; he is none other than Jason Gaines (a.k.a. Bonez977, Y2JayG, JayTripleX, Jay Hollywood, etc...), a longtime friend and neighbor of mine since late 1991. Originally referred to here as "the guy upstairs", he eventually graduated to "the guy at the other end of the hallway" when I moved up nine years later.

Though he is one of the Grim Reaper's biggest fans, Jason actually happens to be a very loyal Slogra fan as well. As he was eager to leave his mark on the WorldWide during 2001, Jason (with a little help from me) created a Slogra shrine; Berrigan's Chambers (f.k.a. Slogra's Shrine). It was a long time coming, and though it was short-lived, it was still lots of fun, appearing on two seperate occasions across the timeline to help pay respects to THE MAN. (This is not including the Moonfruit preview site. Bonus points to the few who remember THAT one.)

As he would go on to become quite knowledgeable in technology, it makes sense that some of the bits here relate to computing in general...

Ski Free, anyone? >:]


01. Pee Free- At one point, the simple Windows game Ski Free was actually entertaining. You were a tiny little man on skis scrolling down a trail until a grey, stick-armed Abominable Snowman came to eat you alive. That is, Ski Free WAS entertaining...until I was introduced to things called emulators. The whole concept for the spoof, "PEE FREE" was originated in April of 1996 by upstairs amigo Jason, and then remastered by myself. Unknown to me, Jason re-remastered my remaster at a later date. Masterful enough? Vestiges of my redo remain. Along with Capcom's, scope out the batch of Konami (or licensed-to Konami) characters here, folks! This includes...BUSTER BUNNY!!!


02. The Slogra PC - Given the glorious tech specs here, I'm sold. Bite it, Lil' Mac! By Y2JayG.

03. Slogmercial - Slogra is back, and he encourages you to buy HIS brand new energy pills.  They're called Steroids.  They'll also invert the color palette of your body. By Y2JayG.


04. Homocidal Fiend- The First Ever Machine of Power Production, by Jason Gaines. This is what happens when a psycho kid and his completely sane (and single) college friend get together with a Dell Dimension XPS B 1000 and its equally new webcam. And it's not pretty. (POWER TIP! The typeface used in "Dracula"'s line, Kelt, is the one used in the Dracula X SNES manual! Hmm...)

05. My first attempt at taking over the world.- On 12-22-2000, Jason attained the power of Photoshop on his apex of early 1996 technology. To usher in his new reign of terror, he quickly set to work to create this first masterwork, his first attempt at taking over the world. This is how Jason would look in a Street Fighter game after being beat by Kermit the Frog, with the time counting down. And just to make it relevant, I stuck Trevor in the lower right corner.

06. Jason's Mistake- Absolutely delighted with the snail's pace that VGBA-DOS is running the CircleVania ROM, and giving him Vectrex noises whenever he gets a heart, Jason painted up this grandly tragic image on 4-26-2001. Here, we see Nate's dialogue window pop up with the important message (OUCH) as he is soon to be nailed by a BOMB SKELETON he whips 25 HP from. The font used for both is Akihibara, one of the most challenging Japanese-kana-derivative fonts to decipher. This was posted on the "boobyvelcome" screen during the few days that almost all of DCTP was gone.

07. Slogra BURNS El Diablo- Leave it up to THE MAN Slogra to successfully slam on Satan. By Jason.

(P.S. His is probably the last of a dying breed of Zero Wing funnies.)

08. SLOGGY WINS IT AGAIN!!!- I'm pleased to present this first CircleVania funny by Jason; yeah, you know who he is. Slogra continues to tear through the gaming world, this time keeping Nate Graves in check.

Created: December 5, 2006
Debuted: June 5, 2009
Last Edited: June 4, 2009