(Slawgruh who?)

"It was a legend no one would forget..."

Its' story began millions of sanguine moons before today... for in that time, a time before human civilization, human corruption, human senslessness, and freaking ice cream...


For over one hundred forty million years, they governed the world with their blood partners, Natural Selection and the challegened truth known as Evolution. With a momentous occaision in the Yucatan peninsula sixty-five million years ago...


But the story doesn't end there.

Those who knew of the imminent disaster prepared and gradually changed their forms in advance.  They evolved into creatures who would eventually leave your Mercedes Benz caked with pigeon crap...but anyway...it gets darker...

A dark night in 1597 saw the return of two prehistoric terrors who were in themselves ages distant from one another.  The flying reptile Pteranodon, who coexisted with the dinosaurs, and the terrestrial dinosaur, Coelophysis, would finally return. The Grim Reaper of Death spilled its dark magics upon their bones, and the two fear dragons became one.

This night the word "BERRIGAN" would be uttered as the fresh, weak zombie fossil rose from the floor, its knees buckling like those of a newborn foal.

Slogra: The Dinosaur Knight, for the legends of another dialect.

Unto the Berrigan, The Grim Reaper of Death bestowed an enchanted trident; a spear with three lethal ways to easily slide through you... It also had one way to bathe your body and soul in flame; just as well, the blinding light and sharp, air-splitting noise created by exploding bullets of fire would be sufficient enough for Berrigan to stalk in for the final kill.

Count Dracula chose this creation to be one of his guardians elite, joining the long standing Grim Reaper of Death along with a recently created zombie gargoyle.

Simon Belmont fought this abhorrence and won...
...but not untouched by its sword of a beak.

In 1797, the Grim Reaper of Death decided to revive the Berrigan demons. The blue gargoyle would also be resurrected. Together, they would lead the attack against Count Dracula's rebellious, girly, wussmaster pretty-boy son. Because the Berrigan had little or no time at all to refresh its aggressive fighting instincts, and also due to the fact that it was then fighting in an area as big as a baseball stadium and no longer a single room,
Slogra was less than what it was in 1597.

Eric Ricardo
(Japan version)
On a side note, from Spain will come an absolute stranger to the Vampire Killer business who rips off the Berrigan's idea; killing guys with a trident. This man(?), named Eric LeCarde, wields a stupid little upgradable spork...
The date is 1917 and the crime is CastleVania Bloodlines.

Eric Le Carde
(USA version)

Watch as he rockets into the air!
You're cool now, aren't you....

"Where you stand, it's gonna land!"

Whoever said that dinosaurs were stupid probably never experienced the Slogra, 'cause once his trident is destroyed, he uses his sharp beak as an even deadlier weapon!

Comin' at you with tha BEAK!


In 1991's Super CastleVania IV, THE MAN serves as one of the last brutal masters, and when Slogra makes the scene, "STAY ALERT, STAY ALIVE," like those cadet kids say.

Slogra makes the scene falling from the ceiling aloft, and will ensue his mercilless attack with an unending stream of flame bullets that sometimes will burst in mid-flight. If he is hit, he'll be sent FLYING! Then FALLING atop your head! Remember the age old rhyme, "Where you stand, he is gonna land..."

STAY FROSTY, because in a very rare manuever, Slogra will slide across the floor with his spear out in an effort to skewer or mow down his opponent. If you think you're diesel and Simon can rip the trident from his weaponless talons, SLOGRA WILL BE COMIN' AT YOU WITH THA BEAK!

Not only will Slim Sloggy stick you with the trident,
the Berrigan will blow you away with a nastily flaming
report from his primitive flame rifle, the flash and burst confusing
a hapless Simon Belmont in the midst of his joyous 16-bit frolic.

Slogra improves his color dynamics for his PlayStation
debut in CastleVania Symphony of the Night, but isn't
as effective. That's Gaibon's fault for requesting a huge
room for them to fight in. Stupid gargoyle.

Another Berrigan is chosen by a posessed Soleiyu Belmont to govern the evils at Rock Castle in CastleVania II Belmont's Revenge. Known as the Iron Doll, it wears a bulky suit of heavy armor. As it plods along, it will try to cleave you with its huge sword. Upon taking excessive damage, the armor of this dinosaur knight will be completely blown away, revealing tender, vulnerable insides. Up pops the head, and it's time for a faster and fiercer fight. Leaping from one side of the room to the center, then the opposite, this agile atrocity will swing its sword, this time expelling a wave of evil energy your way! Say bai-bai, Chris!

Because Slogra kicks so much, he cloned.

Death Bat

In Konami's 1990 Game Boy card The CastleVania Adventure, the instruction manual names this rotting, beaky winged corpse the Death Bat.

(Undying gratitude to MrP of MrP's CastleVania Realm for making possible a 10 year reunion between me and the instruction manual's drawing of the Death Bat. Click it for a bigger image.)

In Konami's 1991 Super NES smash, Super CastleVania 4, Slogra is one of 3 FINAL GUARDIANS! In Japan, he is probably known as Berrigan at this time.
In Enix's 1991 adventure/simulation Actraiser for the Super NES, this non-pushover uses his lame-azz self to block an area in the underground Fillmore temple. A nasty undead guard with an even nastier sword.
Iron Doll
He appeared on the Game Boy in 1991's CastleVania II Belmont's Revenge! This hulking armor-all rules the Rock Castle and was selected by the posessed Soleiyu Belmont.
In 1997, before CastleVania Symphony of the Night was released here, Darkhugh's Den provided the knowledge that our Slogra is Japan's "...*BERIGAN*..." and the subsequent blue gargoyle zombie was a Gaibon. When we got the game, we discovered that the two would be the FIRST Big Bad Guys you face as Alucard, bishonen priss extraordinaire.
To add insult to the injury of poor product placement, Berrigans were bred like sex-starved bunny rabbits and stuck in the Cave in the upside-down ainaVeltsaC. With numbers now ruling the game, you can kill this ENEMY with HALF A HIT FROM RETARDEDLY LEVELED UP ALUCARD TOOTHPICKS.
Garamoth (?)
Making an appearance as a cute Godzilla-enemy reject in Kid Dracula, Garamosu returned as a three-story tall anthroreptilian Styracosaurus in CastleVania Symphony of the Night. He rules the Floating Catacombs just after the Cave.
Ice Titan (?)
I don't know if you remember, but in the later 90's a Mouse organization released an animated film based upon Greek mythology. Towards the end of this film emerged a mile-high, big- ribbed, reptilian frozen beast, the Ice Titan. Since evil never wins to make the story interesting, the walking Slogra TV dinner was brutally massacred in a cruel, yet comedic Dizknee sort of way.

Slogra Family Tree
Gobanz (1990, CastleVania Adventure)
Death Bat (1990. CastleVania Adventure)
Iron Doll (1991, CastleVania II: Belmont's Revenge)
Slogra (1991, Super CastleVania IV)
Flame Demon (1997, CastleVania SotN)
DSS Ghost Familiar (?) (2001, CircleVania)
(more details one of these days...)

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