(Because Video Games become one word over the course of the 2000s...)

The Metroid Database
Formerly @

Metroid is DA BOMB! On Super Metroid, I got 100% of all items and a total running time of 2 hours and 34 minutes, rescuing Dachola and the Etecoons, for the best ending possible! It's even funnier when I purposely forget them! This place has it all, save enemies, but I guess it's okay.

MMHP: The Mega Man Home Page

Formerly known as "THE Mega Man Home Page" and @
hen it comes to Mega Man, this site is the CastleVania Dungeon's equivalent! For real.


Gotta love Snake Man, but I haven't encountered a (working) site on him. Also in Mega Man 3 was Shadow Man, a Robot Master patterned after a ninja who can really rip it with his "NNNIIIIIAAAAAAAAAT!!!" Shadow Blade!

Dman's Game Programming Domain
Formerly @
man's got his own battles, too! Plus he makes games!

The Bionic Commando Headquarters
Scott Kessler's shrine to what else? It was on his recommendation that I did indeed pick up Bionic Commando at a closeout spot in 2001, but I could never get into an action game in which you couldn't JUMP. :[ Ah, well.

The Contra Headquarters
Formerly @
Get 'em, Browny! Now in the capable hands of both Kurt Kalata and Ed Oscuro.

The great game distribution service which brought you the RPG better-than-Final-Fantasy-7-and-8, THOUSAND ARMS! And kept in Japan, GUNBIRD! How'd my copy get here? Oh yeah... import. Bring GUNBIRD here, ATLUS!

*Sigh* If only Capcom were to team up with Konami, they'd rule the video gaming world!

Gameroom Blitz
Formerly known as "The Gameroom Blitz On-Line" @
I just found this while I was compiling other links, so I don't know that much about it. Definitely worth a look-see, especially for all you fighting game fans out there.

CYBER CHRIS: Chris Covell's Homepage
Formerly known as "The Home Page of Chris Covell" and @
A very technical and varied site, its Video Game contents stand out, which includes interesting retrospectives on those old school magazine days and a home made game for the NES!

Zophar's Domain
KILLER site for all us gamers out there. Find emulators here, and check out how you can play ACTUAL game soundtracks on your computer! Might I suggest Legendary Wings stage 3? Beat that, Nabstir!

Formerly part of DCTP/battles/contra/
Not long ago, and not very far away, some kid named Eric Roman celebrated the first anniversary of his CastleVania WorldWide-changing site, Dracula's Curse: THE PAGE!!! Later, he came into contact with the physical Genesis game called Contra Hard Corps. He then ran his tape recorder as he creamed and was creamed by the game. Luckily, these happened. Previously another part of DCTP, Contra: INSANELY DIFFICULT CORPS features recordings of my own battles along with a few guests shots from the fans. Like DBBP, there's no other place like it besides Dman's Game Programming Domain of 1997 and 1998.

Tiptonium's Big Happy Fun Time!
Formerly known as "Tiptonium"
Assorted goodies and photos of notable consoles.

Zany Video Game Quotes Mature Readers Only...May Contain Curses and Boinking and Other Stuff the Kids Shouldn't See Until their Minds can Handle it...
Formerly @
Game phrases which are completely nuts.

A REALLY great site with some exquisite contents. Check out Mystery Video Game Theatre 3000!

En ay dee twenty one oh one war was beginning PWWWIIIIISSSHHSHSHSHSSSSSSSSFFFF.....
What happen.
Someone set us up the bompb.
We get signal.
Main screen, turn on.
It's you.
How are you gentilmin. All your base are belong to us. You are on the way to destruction.
What you say?
You have no chance to survive make your time. Ha ha ha.
Launch zig. Take off every zig. You will face justice. Moooooovvvvvvvvvveeee Zzzzzziiiiiigggg.
Move zig move zig take off every zig. BA-BA-BA-BA-BA-BA-BA-BA-BA-BA-BA-BA-BA-you have no chance to survive make your time.

And that's enough said.

All your Base Are Belong to Us - Official Video Home Page

TwinBee Land
A REALLY GOOD SITE for TwinBee fans like me! The only English one I'm aware of, too. Respect Princess Meloura.

The Video Game Museum
Wow. WOW. I haven't even scratched the surface of this site, so for now, all I can say is that it's a huge place with megatons of good sprites as well as collections of game ending screenshots along with music and the whole nine.

Acts of Gord Mature Readers Only...May Contain Curses and Boinking and Other Stuff the Kids Shouldn't See Until their Minds can Handle it...
Take one wise Canadian named Gord who works in a videogame shop. Match him against a motley crew of maverick customers. What do you get? ACTS OF GORD, an incredibly hilarious and deep series of stories about the trials and tribulations of being The Lord of a videogame merchandise Castle. This will be some of the funniest stuff you've ever read, I swear to you!
This place is fully packed with TONS of great game reviews, tunes, weirdness, and waaaaaaay more! YOU SHOULD LOVE FLYING OMELETTE!!!

Formerly virt and @
Jacob Kaufman, known as Virt (for Virtuoso?) writes...VIDEOGAME MUSIC! He even got to compose the soundtrack to Contra 4! This, after doing remixes of many games, including Contra, on his own for YEARS! Way to go!!! You're REALLY gonna love this stuff.

Rainbow Cemetery Mature Readers Only...May Contain Curses and Boinking and Other Stuff the Kids Shouldn't See Until their Minds can Handle it...
Formerly @
Mew, my fren. He's been composing tunes (mostly inspired by obscure games) since 2003. Ah, he made quite the number of guest appearances in my MixCDs of the mid-2000s, I'll tell you that. In recent history, I feel that he's improved quite a load, and a few recent numbers, like his Snatcher mix, have taken a swerve to the epic. While also noticing his new location outside of ICVD, I've noticed he's been quite the proficient programmer as of late. Enjoy the goods!

Dwelling of Duels Mature Readers Only...May Contain Curses and Boinking and Other Stuff the Kids Shouldn't See Until their Minds can Handle it...
I LOVE VIDEOGAME MUSIC. Since the middle of the 2000 decade, DoD has hosted monthly competitions themed around certain games or game genres. ...and then a number of extremely talented gamer-musicians gather around, summon their powers, and create AURAL AWE. SOME. NESS!!! If you love game music as much as I do, then Dwelling of Duels is better experienced than described.

The Ghoul Realm
Formerly @
Rob Strangman's pretty thick guide to the Ghouls & Ghosts universe. Reviews, rundowns, lots of great pics, and FIREBRAND!!!

West Mansion: The Splatterhouse Homepage
...and let's not forget everyone's favorite messfest, SPLATTERHOUSE! Remember Johnny Arcade's advice: "Watch OUT for the giant leechis that rise up from thUH ROTTING COOOAPSSEEHZZZZ....! ! !" Easy, Stivi... '_'

Sweetbee's Game Hive
Chillaxin' it up with Prince, Budnick, and WHAT'S UP? since the days of Tina's EZBoard. Tab-tab, you are hero to me! ^___________^

VGMdb -a database of videogame music-
Need info on just about any game music composer or soundtrack? This is IT. Even covers those Japanese dating & relating games, too!

''G'uh!  It''s terrible!!!  This can't be...!!!  I SUCK?! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!''

Care for a different game of Links?

Heck yeah!  One of the best parts of 1991: Mega Man 3!!!

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